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Business Listing For Accountants  
Moshe Sadeh משה שדה
Accounting services - American & Israeli
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Shimon Galitzer שמעון גליצר
Ben Zion 28, Givat Shaul בן ציון 28, גבעת שאול
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Yitzchak Dorfman, CPA [US - Israel] יצחק דורפמן
Zerach Barnet 9/7 זרח ברנט
Tel. 652-2620 טל; Cell 052-769-8389 נייד
Email: ydorfy@gmail.com
Businesses, individuals, non-profits bookkeeping,
taxes and accounting services
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XPAT Tax Services LTD
I. David Waxman, Enrolled Agent, Ely Cole, CPA
Shatner 3, 2nd Floor (G'vat Shaul)
02-652-9639 Email: yitz@xptrs.com
IRS tax reporting, planning, compliance, and consultations.
1040's, Child tax credits, FBAR, FATCA, banking issues
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Uri Sher, CPA (Isr.)
Katzenelbogen 58/5 קצנלנבוגן
052-385-4397 URI@uscpa.co.il
Israeli, American & international tax advice, investments, part time CFO
services,preparing IFRS financial statements for companies
bituach leumi, pensions, social security
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