The Information Gemach serving the Har Nof community of Jerusalem                     לע"נ חיים צבי ע"ה בן ראובן

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Bubby's Soup Gemach גמח מרק של סבתא
Sick? After Birth? Convalescing?
Parve, No fee, Badatz ingredients
לע"נ ברינדל רייזל בת נחמן ע"ה
לע"נ רייזל בת ישראל משה ע"ה
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Shabbos Food Gemach
Friday night meals for up to 10 people for a needy family,
someone after birth, or someone in need
includes everything except for wine, grape juice, challah,
sodas and paperware
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Rich's Whip גמח קצפת ריץ
Call first and come between 8:45 & 9:30 PM
3 NIS per cup
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